Recreational Solar Solutions

Powering all of your outdoor adventures. Solar solutions for your RV, Cottage, Boat & Camping Experiences.

Harness the Power of the Sun for Your Outdoor Recreation

RV caravan camper on a campsite in the bush forest nature. Awning, portable toilet, solar panels, bbq, table. Family camping

Solar for RVs and Campers

Keep your RV or campervan fully powered on the road with our high-efficiency solar panels. Offering a reliable, off-grid power source, our solar solutions enable you to enjoy the comforts of home even when you’re exploring the wilderness.

Solar for Your Cottage or Cabin

Elevate your camping experience with our portable solar power systems. Designed to be compact, lightweight, and durable, these solar solutions make it easy to light up your campsite, charge your devices, and power up camping equipment.

Solar for Boating

Navigate the waters with the power of the sun. Our marine-grade solar panels provide a resilient and reliable energy source for your boating adventures, powering everything from navigation systems to on-board appliances.

Solar For Your RV, Cottage, and Boat.

Make the most of your outdoor recreational spaces with our versatile solar solutions. At JBR Solar, we offer specialized solar systems for all of your outdoor activities – including your RV, cottage, and boat, ensuring you have reliable, clean energy wherever you choose to unwind.

Solar Power On The Move.

Experience the power of solar beyond stationary applications with JBR Solar’s innovative mobile solutions. Our cutting-edge technology enables you to enjoy solar energy in motion, making your recreational activities even more enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

Our extensive portfolio of mobile solar products opens up a world of possibilities, from remote excursions and motor homes to transport trucks, utility trailers, and live-in trailers. This versatility ensures you have access to renewable electricity wherever your adventures take you, without the need for a grid connection or generator.

Solar For Camping

Harness the sun’s energy even while you’re on the open water with JBR Solar’s marine solar solutions. Whether you’re sailing, fishing, or enjoying a leisurely day on your boat, our solar systems offer a sustainable, reliable power source to enhance your maritime experiences.

Our marine-grade solar panels are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment while providing a continuous supply of power for your onboard systems, from navigation and communication devices to kitchen appliances and lighting. Embrace the freedom of the open water without worrying about running out of power or relying on traditional, less eco-friendly power sources.