Off-Grid Inverters

Battery-based inverters, also known as off-grid inverters, play a vital role in converting energy from a battery bank into usable power for your diverse range of loads.

Whether it’s for cottages, RVs, boats, home backup systems, or remote power applications, these inverters provide reliable and efficient energy solutions.

At JBRSolar, we collaborate with reputable manufacturers to offer innovative and robust off-grid inverters that meet the demands of even the most challenging projects.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of off-grid power with our exceptional range of solutions designed to cater to your unique requirements.


Transform sunlight into sustainable fuel to energize every aspect of your family’s life. Engineered by defense experts and veterans for their own needs, the Sol-Ark 15K hybrid all-in-one solar generator sets the gold standard in reliability and performance. With military-grade construction, it outshines the competition, delivering a remarkable 66% increase in power and an astounding 500 times faster operation. Say goodbye to the hassles of generator maintenance contracts, skyrocketing fuel expenses, and disruptive noise. This maintenance-free and noiseless solution is powered by renewable energy, making it the ultimate replacement for traditional whole-home generators. Embrace the perfect blend of sustainability and efficiency with the Sol-Ark 15K, fueling your family’s life with clean, dependable power.

Kisae Technology Inc

Experience the ultimate charging solution with KISAE’s Abso DC to AC Charger Series, featuring a multi-stage battery charger capable of simultaneously charging up to three battery banks with customizable priority settings. With its powerful 100A AC battery charger, this series ensures rapid and safe replenishment of AGM, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium batteries, maximizing their efficiency and extending their lifespan. Utilizing advanced algorithms, these smart chargers optimize the charging process, delivering peak performance while enhancing overall battery life. Trust in KISAE’s Abso Chargers to provide reliable and efficient charging for your large capacity battery systems, including AGM, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium battery types.

Magnum Energy

Explore the Magnum-Dimensions RE models, ranging from the entry-level 600-watt MM-AE Series to the high-powered MS-PAE Series with an impressive output of up to 17,600 watts.

With options available in 12, 24, and 48-volt configurations, our inverter/chargers provide flexibility for various voltage requirements.

Simplify installation with our user-friendly panel systems, including the MMP (Mini-Magnum Panel) and MP (Magnum Panel) lines. Experience the innovative battery charger design with power factor correction techniques, setting new standards in both sine wave and modified sine wave platforms.

Trust in Magnum-Dimensions to deliver reliable and efficient power solutions with exceptional performance.


Morningstar introduces the SureSine line of off-grid inverters, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the demand for high-quality inverters that match the exceptional standards set by their iconic charge controllers.

This new line features six models with various power, voltage, and connection options, providing flexibility to cater to different system requirements.

Building upon the success of the renowned SureSine Classic, which is known for its powerful and compact design suited for environmentally challenging applications, the SureSine line expands Morningstar’s inverter offerings.

Experience the reliability and excellence of Morningstar’s SureSine inverters, the perfect complement to their trusted charge controllers.

Out Back Power

OutBack Power benchmarks exceptional performance in remote off-grid power systems with its renowned inverter/chargers.

The latest addition to their lineup, the Radian Series Inverter/Charger, further solidifies OutBack’s reputation for delivering superior products. Designed specifically for advanced Grid/Hybrid applications, the Radian Series offers unparalleled flexibility for both grid-interactive and off-grid installations.

With OutBack’s innovative technology and expertise, customers can rely on the Radian Series Inverter/Charger to provide an ideal solution for their energy needs, whether they require grid connectivity or prefer to operate independently off the grid.

Trust in OutBack Power for unmatched performance and reliability in the world of inverter/chargers.

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