Mounting Systems

Powerful Mounting Systems for Optimal Solar Performance

Maximize your solar energy output with Charge Solar’s extensive range of cutting-edge solar panel mounting systems. We understand that the mounting system plays a critical role in optimizing energy production. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of mounting solutions that have evolved alongside the latest technology advancements, including the integration of bi-facial solar modules.


Fast Track’s FR-TPM12-UNI offers an unparalleled mounting solution for your solar panels. This unique product stands out for its adaptability and strength, designed to secure your solar investment in a wide range of installation scenarios.

The FR-TPM12-UNI showcases a universal design that can accommodate various solar panel models, making it a versatile choice for diverse solar systems.


Introducing the new and improved S-5-N clamps from S-5!. Designed with innovative features, these clamps offer a superior fit for a wide range of nail strip profiles, including both new and older ones.

The S-5-N clamp is the ideal choice for demanding applications such as snow retention and heavy loads. Specifically designed for popular 1″ nail strip metal roofs like Taylor Metal’s Easy LockTM, ASC Building Products’ Skyline Roofing®, McElroy Metal’s Meridian, New Tech Machinery’s FF100, Schlebach 1″ Nail Strip, and similar profiles.

The Fast-Rack Heavy Duty Rail System was designed tospeed the installation of large scale PV arrays on slopedroofs with a minimum number of roof penetrations, whilethe FR-LD system was designed to provide our customerswith a low cost residential racking system. We offer two options:FR-HD– Long span, fewer penetrations, ideal forlarger sloped roofs.FR-LP– Low profile, ideal for residential roofs. Economical,lighter for easier installation.
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