Charge Controllers

Charge controllers serve as the core interface between your solar panels and your battery system. They adapt the energy produced by your solar panels, aligning it to the optimal voltage required by your battery. Ensuring not just efficient energy transfer, but also superior battery performance, charge controllers are key to your solar system’s productivity. At JBR Solar, we’re proud to partner with industry leaders in delivering both MPPT and PWM charge controllers, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and steadfast reliability.

Midnite Solar

With Midnite Solar, you can subscribe to My MidNite, our complimentary and secure service, enabling you to monitor their Classics (a product line of Midnite Solar) even when you’re not home remotely.

Please don’t worry- My MidNite takes care of your system while you’re out.

Should any issues arise with your Classic, the MidNite technical team, upon your approval, can investigate the situation to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Schneider Electric

Fostering sustainable development for everyone

With our commitment to six enduring pledges centered around sustainability research and advisory, we are determined to contribute meaningfully to a greener future by actively involving our entire network in sustainable advancement. Our diverse range of balance-of-system solutions for solar energy, supported by an extensive worldwide service network, assures you of a reliable partner you can depend on – for the long haul.

Victron Energy

Solar Charge Regulators
We offer an extensive selection of both MPPT and PWM solar charge regulators. Check out the BlueSolar and SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT – Overview for more details. In our MPPT model names, such as MPPT 75/50, the first digit represents the maximum photovoltaic open circuit voltage, while the second digit, 50, indicates the maximum charge current. For photovoltaic sizing calculations, consider using our MPPT Excel tool or our Online MPPT Calculator.
For a deeper understanding of PWM or MPPT charge regulators, we invite you to read our whitepaper titled: Which Solar Charge Controller: PWM or MPPT?

Out Back Power

Elevate your solar power experience with Outback Power’s FM80 Charge Controller. This innovative device, armed with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, assures maximum energy conversion from your solar panels under all weather conditions.

The FLEXmaxâ„¢family of charge controllers isthe industry leading innovation in MaximumPower Point Tracking (MPPT) chargecontrollers from OutBack Power.


For over 25 years, we have remained steadfast in helping to create a more sustainable world and business marketplace.

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations, supporting our communities, striving for improved conditions in our supply chain and creating an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace. From helping over 2 million global installations lower their environment carbon footprint, to accomplishing it ourselves at home; Morningstar’s employees & facilities live and breathe clean, renewable energy!

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